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SSS Rescue is a  non-profit, 501(c)(3)  organization that  accepts donated non-venomous reptiles, amphibians , fish (both freshwater and saltwater), and non-native birds, primarily from the exotic pet trade.    We also accept food, enclosures, accessories, and other items associated with the keeping and caring for of these animals.  

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Virtualized Adoption -  Green Moray Eel

GreenMorayEelVisit Now

The Green Moray Eel, (Gymnothorax funebris), makes a terrible pet.  It grows very quickly and and will eat just about any fish put into its cage, including other moray eels.   They do not require a very specialized habitat but must have a firm fitting top on the cage or they will jump out.   If properly fed, they can grow very large in less than a year and can be a dangerous animal to handle due to the extremely strong bite force and sharp teeth.  Green Moray Eels have a very strong feeding response and will grow to attack anything that enters thier tank.  They have relatively poor eyesite and will bite fingers or hands that enter thier tank.    These eels should not be kept under any circumstances by the general public. 

The Green Moray Eel is not commonly found in the pet trade due to thier agression and feeding instincts.  However,  a few specimens do find thier way into the pet trade and if they survive tranport,  will grow large and usually end up being destroyed or otherwise "gotten rid" of by thier owners.  Very few pet stores will accept a Green Moray Eel so there is not much of a future for the captive moray eel that finds it way into the pet trade.   SSS Rescue staff have more than 30 years of experience keeping the Green Moray Eel and welcomes the donation of any moray eels, sharks, or other large fish from the public. 

Our green moray eel is over 5 years old.   It has a voracious appetite,  consuming over 1 pound of raw fish and seafood every two weeks.  Our eel is a favorite among many visitors and why we have selected it as our Virtual Pet Adoptee of the month.

SSS Rescue provides virtual pet adoptions over the internet!  A monthly or annual donation provides the neccessary food and resources to care your pet.   You can view your pet over the internet any time you like using live streaming video feeds from our enclosure facility.  The virtualized adoption donation is fully deductible to the maximun extent allowed under 501 (c)(3), public charity status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi).  The virtulized pet adoption ensures the rescued animals are properly taken care of while you get to enjoy watching your pet,  anytime.    Feeding schedules will be posted so you can watch you animal eat.    And,  unlike actual pets, you can adopt as many differnt kinds of animals as you like and be sure they are able to enjoy thier captive life as much as possible.     THank you for supporting SSS Rescue and virtulized pet adoptions.



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If your interested in donating an animal to SSS Rescue,  please contact us at or call our office 703-924-8747. Be sure to include the type of animal, relative size, and any accessories that will be going with it.  Also, please indicate if you will drop off the animal or need us to come pick it up (Virginia, DC, and Maryland *some restrictions apply)