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Thank you to all of our contributors!   SSS Rescue is entirely reliant on the contributions from our corporate sponsors, team members, and generous people like you.   We want to thank each and everyone of our contributors and recognize them on our public website.    You deserve to be acknowledged for your kind support of our rescued exotic pets and for ensuring that SSS Rescue will continue to provide that neccessary services and sanctuary.

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 Phone  703-924-8747

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Contributors Hall of Fame

Anaconda Level - $5,000 +
Corporate Individual TOP CORPORATE SPONSOR Jim Ward and Family

Boa Constrictor Level - $200 +
Corporate Individual
Sheehy Auto Stores  Alligator Adventure  

Elite Team Members
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Maddie Caballero*
Amanda Gallahan*
Gabby Goddette*
Debbie Ward*
Daniel Ward
Dean Ward
Jim Ward*
Colleen Perry de Jesus
Kristina Marlow

Corporate Individuals
  James Watts

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If your interested in donating an animal to SSS Rescue,  please contact us at or call our office 703-924-8747. Be sure to include the type of animal, relative size, and any accessories that will be going with it.  Also, please indicate if you will drop off the animal or need us to come pick it up (Virginia, DC, and Maryland *some restrictions apply)